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To Infinity and Beyond

A Journey of Cosmic Discovery

From the front flap:

In To Infinity and Beyond, renowned astrophysicist and bestselling author Neil deGrasse Tyson teams up with StarTalk senior producer Lindsey N. Walker to take readers on an interstellar odyssey, combining science, humor, and sidelong glances at Hollywood’s portrayal of outer space along the way.

The journey begins close to home, exploring Earth’s atmosphere, the nature of sunlight, and missions past and present to nearby planets. From there, we surge on to exoplanets, black holes, nebulas, and galaxies. The farther we travel, the wilder the questions become as astrophysical theories collide with common sense. What’s the shape of the universe? What happens when two black holes merge? Did other worlds spring into being at the Big Bang? And if so, can we tweak the spacetime continuum and visit them? As we travel through the cosmos and beyond, these and equally intriguing propositions are tackled with cutting-edge science—and a delightful dose of wit.

Along the way, science greets pop culture as Tyson and Walker cheer on the special effects geniuses when they get the details right—and point out the amusing flaws when they don’t. From Sandra Bullock’s bangs (which should have floated instead of staying flat on her forehead in Gravity) to Interstellar’s Gargantua (one of Hollywood’s more accurate portrayals of a black hole), we embark on a romp through Tinseltown’s favorite blockbusters, separating the “sci” from the “fi.”

For science junkies and fans of the conundrums that astrophysicists often ponder, this illuminating book is a rollicking adventure into the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

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September 2023
National Geographic Books
307 Pages - Illustrated.