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Culture Quotes

Regarding the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

They all knew the mothership was coming, they all knew it was a flying saucer, they all knew it came from another planet through the vacuum of space. And so what do they do, to the left of that monument? They set up runway lights. And I’m thinking, if you could travel through the vacuum of space, you don’t need runway lights. Runway lights are if you’re using air for lift. Aliens would not need air for lift.

Still from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Still from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Columbia Pictures.

We should not measure our space-faring era by where footprints have been laid.… We should measure our era by how many people take no notice at all. A legacy rises to become culture only when its elements are so common that they no longer attract comment.…

No matter what eyewitness testimony is in the court of law, it is the lowest form of evidence in the court of science.